Area Mayors Rally to Support Mark Mantovani for St. Louis County Executive

Calling for Real Leadership and New Vision for St. Louis County, Area Mayors Rally to Support Mark Mantovani

St. Louis, MO (April 10, 2018) –Nearly 20 current and former mayors and key municipal leaders jointly endorsed Democrat candidate Mark Mantovani Tuesday for St. Louis County Executive, calling for “real leadership and a new vision from the County Executive.”

“In regions throughout the country that are successful and growing there is strong, collaborative, and accessible leadership. Forward-thinking policies and projects, effective economic development, and sound decision making come with good leadership,” said Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch.

“I have known Mark Mantovani for decades and think that his professional experience, strong belief in collaboration, and understanding of the significant role played by the County Executive will give St. Louis and the region the leadership we deserve and need,” she said.

Mantovani, who has been actively engaged meeting with city officials, said he would create an Office of Municipal Affairs within the County Executive’s Office to keep in routine contact with mayors and other municipal officials to improve communication, assist in economic development, grants, neighborhood support and civic affairs.

“St. Louis County gets much of its strength from its strong and stable neighborhoods and cities,” Mantovani said. “Much of the heavy lifting in delivering government services in this community is done by cities and to be disengaged with them is ill-advised. We have a lot to learn from the successes of our cities and communities. As County Executive, I want to collaborate with all our neighborhoods and citizens to move us forward. We will not only have an open door policy, but we will be reaching out as a concerted effort to engage with our cities for the future.”

Skip Mange, former Chairman of the St. Louis County Council, former mayor of Town & Country and current Alderman of Town & Country, said “We need to have a County Executive who works well with all the members of the County Council, is available to all of our residents and businesses, and takes a regional approach on economic development and government.”

Viola Murphy, Mayor of Cool Valley, said “Cool Valley is a wonderful community with incredible residents, just like almost all of the St. Louis County’s many municipalities. And while I love painting an exciting picture about my City I also know that our region is facing very significant challenges in the future. Most importantly, for those of us who represent communities that have been underserved and have economic challenges, we need a leader that is willing to address those problems. Addressing diversity and the issues that create disparity should be an action item not an occasional bullet point. For the last four years, we have had a County Executive that has either fed the flames of diversity or, worse failed to develop essential programs. We need a new direction and a person of conviction and strength. For the people of St. Louis County, the region and most important my community, that choice is clear and that choice is Mark Mantovani.”

According to former Clayton Mayor Linda Goldstein, “We need a leader to unite, not divide, our community. Someone who has vision and innovative ideas to improve our region, not someone who is beholden to special interests. All you need to do is read the news to see that many municipalities locally are struggling. We need to change the narrative in St. Louis County and get rid of the current dysfunction. I feel confident that Mark Mantovani has the foresight, integrity, and skills necessary to turn things around.”

Public Officials who endorsed Mantovani are:

  1. Floyd Blackwell, former Cool Valley Mayor and current Alderman
  2. Michele DeShay, Moline Acres Mayor
  3. Tom Diehl, South County Community Leader
  4. Terry Epps, Pine Lawn Mayor
  5. Linda Goldstein, former Clayton Mayor
  6. Keith Krieg, former Frontenac Mayor
  7. Richard Lahr, Des Peres Mayor
  8. Skip Mange, Alderman, Town & Country, former Chairman of the St. Louis County Council, former mayor of Town & Country
  9. Edward Mahan, Rock Hill Mayor
  10. Margot Martin, Frontenac Mayor
  11. Julie Morgan, former Rock Hill Mayor
  12. Viola Murphy, Cool Valley Mayor
  13. Aaron Nauman, President Glendale Board of Alderman
  14. Michael Schoedel, former Frontenac Alderman and former City Manager for Frontenac, Richmond Heights and Clayton
  15. Ruth Springer, former Olivette Mayor and current Council member
  16. Gerry Welch, Webster Groves Mayor
  17. Ben Uchitelle, former Clayton Mayor

The Democratic Primary for St. Louis County Executive will be held on August 7, 2018.

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Ryan Hawkins