Mantovani Campaign Releases New TV Spot Focused on Real Values

Stenger’s TV Ads Filled with Factual Errors; Mantovani Campaign Releases New TV Spot Focused on Real Values

St. Louis, MO (March 30, 2018) – County Executive Steve Stenger’s latest television ads are riddled with factual errors, outright lies and exaggerations in what is a desperate attempt to mislead the public and attack his opponent Mark Mantovani. The ads illustrate that Stenger is concerned as he becomes the first candidate to go negative in this campaign.

“The public is tired of these ‘politics as usual’ kinds of ads and fed up with the deceit and corruption which is costing St. Louis County taxpayers millions, and is ready for a change of leadership,” said Mantovani campaign strategy director Grant Campbell. “The challenges we face today are solvable with bold, innovative, ethical and transparent leadership – which Mark Mantovani will bring to the County Executive position.”

Multiple informational mistakes appeared in Stenger’s recent ads. Here are the facts:

  • Mark Mantovani is a Democrat who supported President Obama, and gave the maximum legally allowed campaign contribution to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign..
  • Mark Mantovani strongly opposed President Trump, voted against him and like millions of Americans is embarrassed by his lack of ethics and leadership.
  • Mark Mantovani not only supported President Obama, he agreed with and vocally supported President Obama’s belief that healthcare is a right.
  • Mark Mantovani has publicly stated that “right to work” is wrong and he stated that fact publicly long ago.
  • Mark Mantovani, like millions of others, was deceived by Governor Greitens into believing that Greitens was someone he was not. Mark Mantovani has publicly attacked Greitens for his hypocrisy and his misrepresentations regarding his policy positions and has called for his resignation.
  • Mark Mantovani moved his business to a blighted building in St. Louis City in 2005 and transformed it into a vibrant corporate headquarters and neighborhood anchor. The business received a 25 year TIF note for $1,544,046.10 (versus $1.8 million). The highly successful company created hundreds of new, good paying jobs for the region and increased the tax base for the City of St. Louis.
  • Any political contributions made by Mantovani to City candidates were made years after the building purchase (2005) and renovation.

As the new ad just released by the Mantovani campaign states, Mantovani built a business where workers were treated with respect and were well paid with good benefits. When the economy was in trouble, Mark cut his own pay in half to save money and to save the jobs of his employees.

Unlike Steve Stenger, who is under the cloud of scandal for giving no-bid contracts to special interests in exchange for campaign contributions, as County Executive Mark Mantovani won’t take a penny from anyone who does business with the St. Louis County.

Ryan Hawkins