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Imagine What's Possible!

It’s time to start doing the right thing, not the same old thing. Let’s imagine what’s possible.
— Mark mantovani

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March 2018

We are on the air with our latest television ad, Hometown. Our new campaign ad introduces Mark Mantovani, Democratic candidate for St. Louis County Executive, and draws a contrast between charting a path to a stronger region versus maintaining the status quo of insider politics and lost investment opportunities. Imagine what’s possible if we build a government that’s transparent and committed to fairness and equality.


April 2018

The very best way to win an election is having a conversation with someone on their front porch. Our volunteer canvass will begin soon, are you ready to hit the doors for Mark? Winning campaigns have face to face conversations so let's lace up those shoes. Click below for more information.


Ending Pay-to-Play
May 2018

Mark released his New Ethics Plan that addresses the "Corruption Tax" and pledges new reforms for both politics and governance. It's time we fix the county government that has been cheapened by insider deals and build one that is transparent, committed to fairness and equality. Click below for more information on the Ethics Pledge.


Mark  joined Jo Mannies and Jason Rosenbaum for their weekly podcast. Check out the latest Politically Speaking below:

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